HIT was commissioned to carry out a complete audit of the Project at the behest of the Main Contractor, on notification that the Main Contractor’s cash flow for the Project was being negatively impacted. After a comprehensive analysis of the Contract Design and the As-builts, including all contractual correspondences, HIT was able to establish that Stakeholder interference with the Main Contract resulted in a substantial increase in the scope of works, which the Main Contractor could not have reasonably foreseen. HIT successfully prepared and defended various claims, ensuring that the Main Contractor was remunerated adequately on the Project.


This audit has enabled HIT to provide a completely bespoke solution to the Main Contractor’s grievance, which has led HIT to successfully secure a whole new array of Contractors grievance resolution processes. HIT’s resolve and commitment to resolving our clients’ complications has been a testament to the way we conduct our business.

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