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Cost Management Consultants

Core to our service offerings is the provision of expert commercial advice and management offerings. These services include:

Cost Planning and Estimating – preparation of detailed cost plans at every design stage of the project, helping to inform the client about expected costs and budget requirements. This informs decisions on construction methodology, selection of service system and selection of finishes, fittings and fixtures.

Value Engineering – Value engineering is not an exercise to be carried out once the design is completed, it is an ongoing review of all systems, finishes and processes being applied throughout the design stages to ensure that the clients budget is reasonable and achievable.
Procurement Process – reviewing and compiling all information required in floating tenders, advice in the methods of procurement, forms of contract and selection of contractors.

Project cost management – all aspects of post contract commercial management. Preparation of interim claims, invoicing and contract variations. HIT will review and assist in the preparation of all contractual letters and responses, required under the Contract, and ensure that all exposure under the Contract is managed.

Project Close Out – Ensuring final compliance with all the contract conditions and requirements to allow all parties to walk away happy in the successful completion of the project.

Quantity Surveyors

Quantity Surveying is key to any successful commercial management and is a strength that HIT is understandably proud of.
From the start of a project the key tenets of quantity surveying enable accurate representation of the works and costs involved in a project. This feeds in to preparation of budgets, cost plans and tender documents and continues in the preparation and evaluation of monthly claims, variations and final accounts.

A meticulous and accurate approach to the quantity surveying aspect of Cost Management ensures that budgets are reasonable, costs are controlled and both the client and Contractor have a reasonable expectation of what they will achieve from the project.

Claims Specialists

Inevitably disputes arise on many projects and while the intention is often to resolve these amicably, this is not always achievable. HIT have a track record of both preparing and evaluating claims that are concise, complete and accurate representations.

HIT manage claims covering the full spectrum from extension of time to the determination of additional costs incurred due to delays, changing information or revised requirements.

About HIT

A recently established partnership based on delivering the core values upon which we operate, Honour Integrity and Trust, HIT offers construction management solutions designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of clients and contractors operating in the challenging and competitive market that is construction within the Middle East.

Bringing a depth of experience that covers some of the most recognisable projects within the Middle East, we offer expertise in hospitality, retail, education, infrastructure and commercial developments.

Our ability to advise on and provide expertise on all matters of commercial, programme and claims related aspects ensures that we are able to level the playing field and offer our clients a competitive and complete service, covering and eliminating all manner of risks traditionally associated with construction in this continually evolving landscape.

With the directors having over 40 years of construction expertise, HIT is an independent organisation offering cost management, quantity surveying and advisory services.
We strive to continually improve upon this legacy by offering value, quality and innovation to every venture to ensure that each project becomes a successful reality.

Vision and Values

By employing enthusiastic and talented individuals who share our core philosophies we are able to offer and continually deliver service that meets and exceeds the expectation of our clientele. By investing in and enabling our staff to grow and take responsibility for their role within the company, we foster a community of professionals with a common goal: The success of each project we undertake.

Each professional working for HIT understands and promotes the company ethos in a continuous effort to deliver the service that our clients deserve. Advice given is based on the core philosophy of when the project succeeds, we all succeed.
Our people are at the heart of our business, and in order to keep our staff happy, motivated and productive we emphasise the importance of a work/life balance, allowing our team to grow both professionally and personally.

Being cognisant of the continual changes within the construction industry – from both a technical and commercial standpoint – we understand the need to facilitate the training of our staff in areas that allow them to develop professionally. In doing so, they are able to provide a constantly evolving and improved service.
We aim to continue to provide the service that ensures our clients success and ours is aligned and continues to provide us both with the opportunity to grow and expand within the Qatar market and beyond.

Our Services

Our staff and business practices are regulated and guided by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and we adhere to these guidelines in providing a full suite of pre and post contract commercial and contractual advice.

With expertise in retail, hospitality, infrastructure, leisure and sports venues, we are able to advise from conception through to the signing off of the final account.
With the aggressive development programme pursued in the region, contractual entitlement disputes have become widespread. HIT has extensive expertise in producing entitlement claims to help resolve disputes arising out of this development environment.